A few weeks ago on the blog we discussed a recent lawsuit involving a tennis player who was injured in a slip-and-fall accident. Although these incidences may seem relatively minor at first blush, they can actually leave you seriously hurt. Some injuries can even leave you with a disability or disfigurement. Many victims in these cases need extensive medical care, and the time they must take off from work to regain their health can lead to lost wages. Additionally, their injuries may cause long-term pain that can be difficult to cope with.

As we discussed in regard to the tennis player’s case, though, if you are hurt by a dangerous property condition that exists on the premises of another, then you may be able to successfully seek compensation for your damages. Certain legal elements must be met first, though. Amongst these are establishing your status to be on the property, as invitees are afforded more protections than trespassers. You must also establish that the property owner knew or should have known, through taking reasonable precautions, of the hazard and failed to take remedial action.

Addressing these issues so that they play out in your favor can be difficult, especially when you’re going head-to-head against an experienced defense attorney. This is why, if you have been injured under the circumstances mentioned above, you may want to consider seeking legal assistance. The aggressive attorneys at Martinez, Hart, Thompson & Sanchez PC have handled many premises liability cases, meaning that we know what it takes to build a strong case as well as how to anticipate and counter common defenses.

In addition to knowing how to impose liability, our team is also skilled at demonstrating to a judge and jury the full extent of damages suffered by our clients. This has a direct effect on recoverable compensation, so oftentimes this aspect of the lawsuit is just as important as the portion where liability is determined. In the end, we recognize that our clients were treated unfairly. Therefore, we do everything in our power to provide them with the best legal advocacy they can find in hopes that they can secure the compensation they need to focus on reclaiming the lives they had before they were injured.