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Vicarious liability claims may help cover full extent of damages

Many New Mexico residents find themselves driving in close proximity to semi-trucks on a daily basis. Fortunately, these individuals are usually able to avoid getting into a truck accident, but others are not so fortunate. Fatigued, intoxicated, and distracted truckers can swerve into oncoming traffic, fail to yield to oncoming traffic, or fail to stop in time to avoid a rear-end collision. Regardless of how these accidents occur, if negligence plays a role, then an accident victim may be able to recover compensation for his or her losses via a personal injury lawsuit.

Pedestrian accident leaves Albuquerque girl dead

It only takes the blink of an eye for one's life to be forever changed. Oftentimes, these incidences have a ripple effect that affect an individual's loved ones. This is particularly true when a car accident leaves an unsuspecting individual either seriously injured or dead. In cases where an individual is wrongly killed, surviving family members may be looking for a way to find justice and closure.

Deposition can be a powerful tool in wrongful death cases

Any time an individual decides to pursue a legal claim, he or she needs to be prepared with a plan to show the legal elements necessary in order to win their case. In most cases, a significant part of this plan is merely tracking down evidence and witnesses, then crafting compelling legal arguments. Thorough preparation is key, as surprises in the legal world are not a good thing. There are very specific things a plaintiff can do, though, to ensure that he or she avoids unexpected surprises when pursuing a wrongful death or personal injury claim.

Aggressive attorneys who know how to handle premises liability

A few weeks ago on the blog we discussed a recent lawsuit involving a tennis player who was injured in a slip-and-fall accident. Although these incidences may seem relatively minor at first blush, they can actually leave you seriously hurt. Some injuries can even leave you with a disability or disfigurement. Many victims in these cases need extensive medical care, and the time they must take off from work to regain their health can lead to lost wages. Additionally, their injuries may cause long-term pain that can be difficult to cope with.

6 key trampoline safety tips

Children love trampolines. Entire indoor facilities have sprung up to offer kids (and even adults) opportunities to jump in any weather. Families buy trampolines of all sizes, including smaller ones for in-home use by toddlers and large ones that take up half of the back yard.

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