Most Albuquerque residents don’t think twice before stepping onto the property of another. Whether it be a grocery store, a friend’s house, or an entertainment venue, most of us simply assume that the property is safe. In the vast majority of instances, these premises are kept safe from hazardous conditions. In many other cases, though, property owners fail to remedy dangerous conditions that they either knew about or should have known about. When this happens, unsuspecting visitors can wind up suffering extensive harm.

This was the situation for tennis star Genie Bouchard, who suffered a concussion after a slip-and-fall accident in 2015. The incident left her unable to participate in the U.S Open that year, where she was seeded 25th, and she has since dropped to 116th. The incident occurred when Bouchard walked into a dark training room and slipped on a floor that was covered in cleaning fluid. She then fell, hitting her head on the floor.

Bouchard went on to file a premises liability lawsuit against the United States Tennis Association, and the matter eventually went to trial. A jury recently returned a verdict in Bouchard’s favor, finding that the Tennis Association was 75 percent at fault for the accident and the tennis player’s injuries. Although attorneys for each side argued before a judge over damages, an undisclosed settlement was reached behind closed doors before a damages judgment could be issued.

There can be a lot at stake in premises liability lawsuits. The compensation that can be recovered can go a long way toward helping an individual recover his or her financial losses while at the same time allowing him or her to focus on recovery. As evidenced by this case, though, these matters are often hotly contested, which is why it is usually preferable to have the assistance of a qualified legal professional.