Albuquerque’s enjoys nice weather year-round, allowing individuals to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest extent possible. This means that many people choose to bike, jog, run, and walk for exercise and enjoyment, but also to get to work, school, and social functions. These activities should be safe. Yet, many times these pedestrians’ safety is left in the hands of motorists who may be drunk, distracted, or fatigued.

When it comes to bicycle accidents, victims can be left with serious injuries. While the same holds true for pedestrian accidents, many times bicyclists wind up being accused by motorists of causing the wreck in question. This can be a serious claim, as any fault on the part of a bicyclist can reduce or even eliminate his or her ability to successfully recover compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. If this happens, the victim may be left unable to pay unexpected medical expenses and recoup lost wages.

Therefore, bicyclists who are hurt in a car accident need to diligently work to gather evidence to support their claim. Generally speaking, evidence that a motorist was speeding, failed to yield, or drifted into a bicycle lane will establish negligence on the motorist’s part. While establishing this negligence is critically important, it is also smart to analyze the evidence at hand to figure out how to minimize the appearance that the victim contributed to the crash.

Those who want assistance with their claim can turn to a skilled legal professional. These advocates, like the ones at our firm, know where claims are vulnerable and how to strengthen them so that a victim has the best possible chance of success under the circumstances. Hopefully, then, a victim will be able to find the financial stability he or she needs while focusing on reclaiming his or her health.