A few weeks ago on the blog we discussed the duty of care owed to individuals who enter onto the premises of another. The entrant’s classification can affect how the applicable duty of care is applied, which means it could make it easier or harder to succeed on a premises liability claim. Regardless of one’s status, though, pursuing one of these claims can be difficult, especially when the defendant is a business. These entities, in an effort to protect their money and their reputation, oftentimes go to great lengths to put these matters to rest. This may mean taking the case to trial, or it may mean offering a settlement that is much less than the case is worth.

In either instance, if you have been injured while on the property of another, then you need to make sure that you are protecting your claim as fully as is possible given the circumstances. This means gathering all pertinent physical evidence in the form of medical records, photographs, and videos. It also means speaking with all potential witnesses to determine who will be beneficial to your claim, and who could hurt your legal arguments.

Once you have accomplished these tasks, then you can build your case around the facts at hand and applicable law. In most instances, injured New Mexico residents find the assistance of a skilled legal professional, like those at Martinez Hart Thompson & Sanchez PC, to be knowledgeable about how to handle all aspects of the law, from initiating discovery to making and meeting objections.

Our firm has been dedicated to helping New Mexico residents recover the compensation they deserve after being injured by negligent property owners. Not only do we work hard to impose liability, but we also strive to show the full extent of one’s injuries, thereby giving them the best possible chance of recovering the maximum compensation their claim will allow. Entering the legal arena can be a battle, though, so those thinking about entering it should think about researching all prospective firms, including ours, for more information.