Previously on this blog we discussed the dangers of distracted driving. Although this form of negligence has been around for as long as cars have, distracted driving that involves technology has really taken off over the last decade. At almost any moment, you can glance to your left or right and see another motorists engaging their cell phone while operating their vehicle. Sure, discussing the matter helps raise awareness, but sometimes it takes a real life story to give individuals a clear sense of the ramifications such actions can have.

One Albuquerque woman was walking her dog almost a year ago when a driver who was texting and driving hopped a curb and struck her. The vehicle dragged the woman before it ran completely over her. The accident left the pedestrian with a traumatic brain injury and spinal damage that affected her memory and the ability to move her fingers. Her left leg was also severed and her abdomen was cut open in the wreck. Her other leg was broken, as was one of her arms, her shoulder, and her jaw. Nearly a year later, this woman is still unable to feed and clothe herself, and she remains incontinent.

These injuries have totally flipped the woman’s life upside down. She lives her life from a medical facility where she can receive the treatment she needs, but this means that she misses out on many aspects of live, including her daughter’s soccer games. She states that the accident has ruined her life.

This is a tragic story, one that may be more common than we know. Despite numerous efforts to curtail it, distracted driving remains a problem throughout New Mexico and the country. Although there may be little that can done to fully repair the damage that a negligent driver causes, a personal injury lawsuit may lead to the recovery of much needed compensation, thereby allowing a victim to focus on reclaiming as much of his or her life as is possible given the circumstances.