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New Mexico woman's life devastated by distracted driver

Previously on this blog we discussed the dangers of distracted driving. Although this form of negligence has been around for as long as cars have, distracted driving that involves technology has really taken off over the last decade. At almost any moment, you can glance to your left or right and see another motorists engaging their cell phone while operating their vehicle. Sure, discussing the matter helps raise awareness, but sometimes it takes a real life story to give individuals a clear sense of the ramifications such actions can have.

Car accidents and wrongful death lawsuits

Driving has become more dangerous than ever. Far too often, motorists are distracted, intoxicated, or sleepy, all of which diminish their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. Even the most defensive driver can find him or herself unable to avoid a collision with one of these drivers. For many of these defensive drivers, a car accident results in damage to their vehicle and maybe some bumps, bruises, and cuts. For others, more serious injuries, like broken bones, torn ligaments, and even brain damage, can be suffered. In the worst cases, however, the result can be death.

Duty of care owed in premises liability cases

Visiting a local business or a friend's house should not be a scary experience. Fortunately, very rarely do people visit these places and find themselves in harm's way. Yet, sometimes property owners, including store owners and social acquaintances, fail to properly identify and/or remedy dangerous property conditions. This may include wet floors, torn carpets, and inadequate lighting, just to name a few hazardous conditions. Those who do wind up hurt on account of one of these conditions may be able to pursue a premises liability lawsuit against the property owner in hopes of recovering compensation for their damages.

A broken wrist can require extensive medical care

A car accident can leave you with one or more serious injuries. The exact injuries you suffer depends on the circumstances at hand, including the type of collision, the impacted area of the vehicle, the vehicle's speed, and even the position of your body at the time of the crash. One common type of injury suffered, though, is one that affects the hands and wrists. This may primarily be because drivers often have their hands on the wheel at the time of collision, at which time their hands are forced into the windshield or other part of the car.

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