Recently on this blog we discussed how heart attacks are diagnosed. This medical condition, as is the case with many diseases, can oftentimes be effectively treated when quickly and accurately diagnosed. In other words, competent medical care should lead to a favorable outcome, or at least one where the harm is minimized. Yet far too often in our society, individuals act negligently, resulting in harm being suffered by innocent people. Sometimes this negligence can lead to death.

When this happens, whether through medical malpractice, a car accident, or premises liability, a victim’s surviving family can be left with extensive damages. In addition to the emotional toll that can be taken, these family members can face excessive financial losses. Medical expenses, funeral costs, and lost wages can destroy a family’s financial stability, making it hard for them to figure out how to get by in the aftermath of their loved one’s death.

It is important for these families to know that they don’t have to face this hardship alone. Experienced law firms, like Martinez Hart Thompson & Sanchez PC, diligently work for families of wrongful death victims to try to help them not only recover compensation for losses, but also secure accountability. We stand by our clients’ sides throughout the entire process, advising them as to their legal options, which may include settlement negotiation and litigation.

Regardless of the route chosen by a family, we ensure that we have done everything to buttress their claim and give them the best possible chance of success given the circumstances. We gather physical evidence, question key witnesses, and craft compelling legal arguments that utilize the rules of evidence and trial to our clients’ advantage. In the end, we want our clients to find closure and the financial security they need and deserve. With experience, skill, and aggressiveness on our side, we have been able to help several New Mexico families reach a resolution that leaves them satisfied.