It doesn’t take much for a mistake made on the road or in the hospital to lead to devastating consequences. For many New Mexico residents, these incidences leave them with serious injuries. Among these injuries is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Although most people are familiar with the term, and some may have knowledge about what the injury entails, fewer have a firm grasp of just how much work it takes to try to recover from a TBI.

Of course, the initial hospital stay following a brain injury can be quite extensive. A victim will likely need to remain in the intensive care unit for a period of time, where a ventilator may need to be used, as well as an EKG machine, catheter, and NG tube so that medication can be administered. However, this is just the start of the recovery process.

Once stabilized, the next step for a TBI sufferer is to undergo acute rehabilitation. Here, the injured individual works with a special unit that is experienced in helping those with TBI. The focus of this type of rehabilitation is to recover as many day-to-day functional acts as possible. Next comes post-acute rehabilitation. This type of rehabilitation is more intensive, focusing on developing the most independent living skills he or she can manage under the circumstances. From here, a TBI victim may undergo other types of rehabilitation. Then, he or she may slowly transition out of the hospital. Yet, he or she will likely still need home-based services and/or independent living assistance. Medication can also play a prominent role in a TBI sufferer’s recovery.

Of course, this medical treatment can be frustrating and quite expensive. When the harm suffered was caused by the negligence of another, then the situation can be even more infuriating. For these reasons, many of these victims choose to pursue a personal injury lawsuit in hopes of obtaining a sense of justice, compensation, and closure.