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New Mexico's anti-distracted driving efforts fall short

If you work in the Albuquerque area, then you've probably found yourself amidst the thousands of commuters who find themselves traveling busy roadways to and from work. In order to get to your destination safely, it is critical that you remain attentive behind the wheel. Yet, regardless of how defensive you are as a driver, there are likely a number of other motorists near you at any given time who are distracted. Whether they are changing the radio, filling with climate control, eating food, talking with passengers, or reading or sending text messages, these drivers' attention is taken away from the road. This, in turn, puts others at risk of being harmed in a car accident.

Car accidents and whiplash

Car accident injuries, like the wrecks themselves, can vary in severity. While many individuals suffer serious injuries, including traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries, others are left with bump, bruises, and scrapes. Although the more severe injuries require much more medical treatment and can result in excessive damages, even minor harms can leave an individual with significant losses. These loses can include medical expenses and lost wages. Even when seemingly minimal compared to those damages suffered in serious wrecks, these losses can still wreak havoc on an individual's life.

Slip and fall accidents can cause serious injuries

When you enter onto the premises of another, such as a grocery store, you expect it to be free from hazards. If such a hazardous condition does exist, such as a wet floor, you probably expect it to be marked so that you can exercise proper precaution. Yet, far too many times, property owners in Albuquerque fail to quickly identify and timely remedy dangerous property conditions, whether they be a wet floor, icy sidewalk, or torn carpet. These conditions can leave invitees susceptible to injuries when a slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident occurs.

You may have more severe car accident injuries than you realize

Car accidents, even those that seem relatively minor, are still very violent experiences for the human body. Although we are surprisingly resilient as a species, we often take for granted just how unnatural traveling in a car is, and may not realize when we suffer an injury in a collision.

How is breast cancer diagnosed?

Going to the doctor shouldn't be an experience to fear. In fact, those Albuquerque residents who go see a medical professional should feel better by either figuring out that there isn't anything wrong with them, or by obtaining effective treatment that soothes their symptoms and, perhaps, cures their ailment. Although this is what happens in most cases, sometimes medical professionals make mistakes that leave patients in harm's way. This can occur in a variety of ways, but perhaps one of the most worrisome is when a doctor fails to diagnose a medical condition.

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