At some point in their lives, nearly everyone will suffer some sort of serious injury. Yet, even these serious injuries can be on a sliding scale of severity. Some individuals may suffer gashes that require stitches, while others may wind up with a brain injury after a significant car accident. Regardless of the type of injury suffered, though, all victims of serious injuries have something in common: their lives will be affected. They may need extensive medical care and rehabilitation, they may be forced to miss work, and, in some cases, a victim is left with a permanent disability.

One Albuquerque woman may be in this situation now after a pedestrian accident. According to reports, the woman and her boyfriend were standing outside of an apartment building when a car suddenly struck them. As a result, the woman’s foot was severed from her leg. A witness to the accident collected the foot and placed it in a freezer in hopes that medical professionals would be able to reattach it. The woman was rushed to the hospital, along with her foot, for immediate surgery. It is unclear at this time whether the operation was successful.

Instances like these are nothing short of tragic. Here, the victim may lose her foot, which could leave her with difficulty conducting her normal day-to-day activities. Even if a prosthesis is a possibility, the woman may incur significant medical expenses and rehabilitation costs in order to find success.

Perhaps one way forward for victims like this one is that they may be able to find accountability and recover compensation for their losses by pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. In order to impose liability on a negligent driver and recoup damages, a victim must satisfactorily prove certain legal elements. To learn more, accident victims should consider discussing the matter with a legal professional of their choosing.