Maybe your child has a few options to get to and from school every day. You are trying to decide which method is best for your family. School buses are a very safe method of transportation, even more so than driving your child in a car, but they are not flawless. You should still talk to your kid about staying safe at the bus stop and while on board to avoid unnecessary risks. Here are some of the most important tips to teach your child

Do not walk to the stop alone

Your child will be much more visible if they are not alone, plus extra pairs of eyes can help to watch out for dangers. Walk to the bus stop with your child in the morning or, if you are unable, send them with their siblings or neighborhood friends who go to the same stop. Make sure they know the left-right-left rule of looking both ways before crossing a street.

Be in the driver’s view when crossing

If your child must cross the street in front of their bus at any point, make sure they know how to do so safely. They should walk ahead of the bus about ten feet until they can make clear eye contact with the driver. Then they should wait until the driver signals that they can cross.

Do not approach a moving bus

When the bus is approaching the bus stop, your child should never move towards the bus or try to get to the door until the bus has completely stopped.

Do not stand up on the bus

Make sure your child knows how to behave while on board the bus too. They should be sitting at all times with their backpack out of the aisle. They should not stand up and try to exit their seat until the bus has come to a full stop.

What if your child is injured on a bus?

Despite teaching your child about bus safety, it is possible that the bus could be in an accident or other injuries could occur in the bus itself. If your child suffered an injury while riding a school bus, you may wish to talk to an attorney with experience in child injuries. A case involving a bus can get complex because of the parties involved, but you may deserve compensation for your child’s suffering and medical treatment.