Summer is just around the corner, and kids across New Mexico are just weeks away from the freedom of summer vacation. As exciting as this is for them, it can be more stressful than exciting for parents. Without kids out of school, they are spending more time on their own or in the care of people other than teachers and parents.

With all this in mind, it can be a good idea to brush up on some of the possible hazards kids face during the spring and summer months. 

The following hazards are not necessarily seasonally specific, especially in New Mexico, but they can happen more frequently when kids are not restricted by the structure of school days and are unsupervised.

  1. Swimming pool accidents and drownings: Kids who play in or near pools should be monitored closely at all times. Pool owners should take care to ensure their property is properly secured and maintained to avoid accidents.
  2. Falls at the playground: Playground equipment should be inspected and repaired regularly by the owner or other party responsible for the structure.
  3. Car accident injuries: Parents may be traveling with their kids more often during the summer, which means they could be at an increased risk of getting hurt in a crash.
  4. Bicycle or skating accidents: Even when kids stay on the sidewalk, look both ways before crossing a street and wear proper protective gear, they can still be seriously injured if they are hit by a car while biking or skating.
  5. Amusement park accidents: Less time spent in school means kids can spend more time at amusement parks, trampoline parks and other attractions. If these sites are not properly maintained, they can pose a serious threat to a child’s safety.

We encourage parents across Albuquerque to consider these hazards carefully and take the necessary steps to protect their kids.

Unfortunately, accidents involving children can and do still happen, despite parents’ best efforts. Oftentimes, these accidents can be linked to a negligent or reckless party. Under these circumstances, parents can discuss their legal options with an attorney. Doing so can allow families to recover damages and hold accountable the party responsible for a child’s accident.