New Mexico Truck Accident LawyerSemi trucks and other types of commercial vehicles can be very dangerous on the roads if the drivers are not properly trained or the trucks are not handled, inspected, and maintained properly.

Many trucking accidents are caused by violations of federal laws and regulations, such as inadequate driver training, brake inspections, drivers’ rest time, and vehicle inspection and maintenance. In addition, critical evidence, such as the truck’s electronic download recording and brake measurements, disappear quickly after an accident. Trucking accidents require a New Mexico truck accident lawyer with specialized skills and knowledge, who will get started right away to investigate your case.

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Since semi trucks and other commercial vehicles are so much bigger and heavier than typical passenger vehicles, when trucks collide with cars, they often cause catastrophic injuries (like brain damage and spinal cord injuries) or death. Getting the money you need or obtaining justice on behalf of your loved one demands the skill of a good truck accident attorney.

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At Martinez, Hart & Thompson, P.C., our New Mexico truck accident lawyers understand the complex federal laws and regulations of the trucking industry.  Understanding the mechanics of the truck and the circumstances of the collision as quickly as possible after an accident is essential to preserving the evidence you need to prevail. We will thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident with a large truck and fight to get you the maximum compensation to which you are legally entitled.

We understand that your immediate goals after going through such trauma are to receive the compensation you need for the medical treatment and financial hardship you’ve endured. By preparing each case as if it’s going to trial, we place you in a strong position for a fair settlement and are prepared for court if a fair settlement cannot otherwise be reached.